Empty Orchestrator Queue

Hi Community,

I’m about to create a process which will be handling an Orchestrator queue of 30k+ items a month.

The thing is that once a month the whole queue should be purged and replaced with new items. There shouldn’t be any leftovers from previous months, so I’d need to delete all the items regardless their current statuses and add the new ones to the queue.

What is the best approach. Can robot delete and recreate whole queue inclding items with statuses failed, errors, success etc?


Please check below thread and hope it will answer your query.

Thanks for the info, but according to the finished and failed items will stay in the queue forever and won’t be deleted. Is there a way to fully re-create queue form scratch by the robot wiping out all previous data without doing it manually in Orchestrator? It is supposed to be performed by the robot.

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You can use the Orchestrator API to Create/Delete a queue so long as the Robot has the appropriate permissions granted to it.