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How can I filter my mail message using subject and sender and current date in the option “Filter” in “Get outlook” activity

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pls go through this thread…

Vikas Reddy

I am using If else decision like
How can I get only today’s mails with specific sender?

use this into your Filter property of Get outlook mail activity.

"[ReceivedTime] >= '"+now.ToShortDateString+"' AND [ReceivedTime] <= '"+now.AddDays(1).ToString +"' AND [SenderEmailAddress]='akshay.yadav@test.com'"


Thank you, tried the above function in Get outlook mail activity not working

Could I write if else to do the same operation?
Is there any other way like mail.subject.contains(“Status”) ?

For me it. Is working and returning accurate result. Have you replaced as per your needs? Like email id? And if still facing prob then share your workflow.

The above filter gives todays date email having the senders email similar that we are passing.

Thanks Aksh I am getting today’s date with time …I need to add decision to pick the mail with that date

Girish i am not getting because with that filter you will get only today’s mail by that particular sender.

Or you wants to pass custom date?

or you are using different except filter way? let me know first :slight_smile:


@Aksh I was trying to filter the mail with specific sender with today’s date. Thanks you, it got resolved, we have passed the today’s date in get outlook activity of filter property and added the sender.