Email content understanding using a bot

Is there any way we can do text mining on email automation and understand the mail content, to identify what the mail is about based on keywords etc?

Yes, you can. I do not know how familiar you are with Machine Learning.

You will need a trained NLP(Natural Language Processing) Model that will help analyze the email text for you. I know IBM already has ready trained, and ready to use models that can detect the emotional state of the sender from just reading the text.

Read up on NLP and surely you do not build a model from scratch, on GitHub you can find a already built model that you can retrain and modify to work for your use case.

Browse through the below:


Thank you so much for the response. I am not an expert in ML, yet, am aware of some basic concepts. Am training myself on NLP now and working on the same. Will go through these links. I Believe, this would be really helpful. thank you much once again @SenzoD

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