Emotion detection type in sentimental analysis

Hi Forum,

Just wanted to know if uipath has an inbuilt emotion detection sentimental analysis model to detect the emotion of urgency?

It might help me in prioritizing the queue items based on the customer request.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Rohan_Tammewar

Try this out, Don’t know if this helps

Search for “intellidockers” in manage packages


As part of AI Center today we have two models that may help you:

  • Sentiment Analysys which is really about the sentiment in general not emergency only and which is not retrainable.
  • Retrainable text classifier that could help you achieving your need as long as you have a dataset on which to train your model.


Hi @Jeremy_Tederry,

Since I am not from ML background the best model I can make is using tokenization approach, even if I try to make a model it might not have a good accuracy. Will there be any new models upcoming in AI Center?

Can I please know if there is any document which explains about the models in deep?
Just want to know the capability of the AI Centre today and any potential use case which showcase the use of this AI Centre
And also what are this retrainable classifier?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rohan_Tammewar

You can check this page (and sub pages) for documentation of the models: Out of the Box Packages

Retrainable models are some models that are available on AI Center for general use cases and that you can retrain on your own data. For example, we have a text classification model that you could use for your use case as long as you have some labeled data (check documentation to know how to format the dataset). You don’t need to have deep ML background to use them as we did the ML job for you. You just need to have data and retrain the model on it and then consume it from the activities.


Hi @Jeremy_Tederry
Thanks for the explanation it is clear now.
Even if I want to train a model I would need to know about that model, like what type of model it is. In case if it is sentimental Analysis what type of sentimental analysis it does is it Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis or Emotion detection or Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis or Multilingual sentiment analysis?

Hi @Rohan_Tammewar
You have full description for all models that we provide, it’s also include original paper for the model where you can find all information you need.