Email automation send in a thread by using .msg

hello, dear robot masters
is it possible to do this simulation as in below:

  1. filter the unread mail in the inbox
  2. user get the pop up box telling how many messages they got
  3. Then user click okay/ enter.
  4. The reply email is ready to be send with the same subject, same email thread, same business agent, etc.
  5. Reply email is pop up
    as in below:

Already did the simulation but didnt manage to get the answer. Thanks in an advance

Hi @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3

How about below way?

  1. Get Outlook message with filter
  2. show message box (or input dialog) with number of unread message (object.count)
  3. if user push okay, then go #4, else do nothing
  4. reply to outlook message in for each unread message object


Hello, what do you mean by #4?

I mean you might be get multiple outlook object at 1.
So you need for each outlook objects to reply each message.