E-mail automation

Hi Community,

I have to send out 100 E-Mails everyday with the same text, but to different contacts (e-mail addresses).
I’m sending out the e-mails with Outlook and have the contacts in Excel.

How can I automate this task?

Cheers, Sevan

Hi @Sevan
its simple task just follow the below steps

  1. Read the Excel and it will stored data to data table
  2. Create Mail Template and store to separate variable
  3. Iterate the Data table through for-each ,inside for each block send the mail with template and diff mail address
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@prakaz25, thanks for your quick answer.
Can you name also the activities?

Thanks in advance,

For Reading Excel “Read Range” from Excel Workbook or Application scope

For Sending mail “Send Outlook Mail Message”

Before that install the below packages

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