Automatic Email Merge

Can you pull data from an Excel spreadsheet to create email through Email. I will pull the client name, Email address, subject and Body messages from the excel spreadsheet.

Hy @uidonna.jones, yes it can be donne.

Read Excel using the Read Range Activity
Use a For each Row activity to iterate through the rows and fill in your variables
use the send outlook message activity


Yes we can do with below steps,

1.First Read excel with Read Rane
2.Take For each Row in Data table
3.assign with Get Row item for (Email address,subject and Body of the mail)
4.Send mail activity (give all required properties)


Thanks for responding to my post. Is there a tutorial or workflow example I can follow to help me better understand the steps. For instance, I don’t understand the "ForEach row in Enter a VB expression means.

Send Dynamic Outlook Emails in UiPath | Send Email To Multiple Recipients from Excel | UiPathRPA - YouTube please check this video.

For each row in Data table activity - looping through multiple rows(How to get row values of excel from ForEach Row activity in Uipath - YouTube)


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I was able to do the Email Merge using an Excel spreadsheet. My new question is, how can i send emails from different people from my email. For instance, the From email is in a column in the excel spreadsheet, how do I add that in the Use Outlook Account field?

Hi @uidonna.jones

I have created workflow to send email to multiple recipients reading from excel config file

Hope this will help you.

LatikaExcel_Seding (33.7 KB)

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