Which browser is most reliable

Hi all,

I’ve been playing a bit with the various browsers in UiPath and I can’t really decide which works best. For some reason each has its own quirks which make all of them pretty useless.

Chrome (59) seems to have the box model off by a substantial margin making it impossible to select all elements. Firefox (54) also has issues with selecting the boxes as it’s very slow (at least 5 seconds for it to recognize an object) which is not just recording but also when executing the robot. Lastly Internet Explorer (11) is working quite well except for some quirky COM dropdowns that UiPath isn’t able to cope with (and of course sites start to become less compatible in general).

Thoughts / Suggestions?

For the record I’m using UiPath 2016.2.6379 on Windows 10.


talking web automation it is recommended to use IE in most of the cases.
I believe UiPath can interact with it in a more “native” way using its browser COM Object.

The others Browser will most of the time have limitations and might struggle in case of version update.to find compatible plugins for your Browser version.

Note also that in the corporate world, IE will be most of the time the way to go.




Hi Florent,

Thanks for that, it seems indeed that IE is the most reliable mechanism at the moment. Unfortunately we also see a lot of corporations moving to Chrome and Edge so this doesn’t seem to be sustainable in the long term. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


I’ve been doing some more digging on this and it seems it’s actually IE 11 that messes up the drop downs. So apparently any “select” (e.g. Tryit Editor v3.6) get turned into some “fancy” overlay that which UiPath is unable to do anything with.

Given the incompatibility of all browsers the only solution to robotize sites with dropdowns (select elements) seem to be to do it via citrix, which is of course is absurd. Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

On a side note, I’ve also upgrade to CE 2017.1 and the Chrome and Firefox extensions are still not working.

The box model issue with Chrome seems to be caused by the “Windows scaling” setting, this can be changed under “Display settings”: image. Set this to 100% (and reboot if you changed it…) for Chrome to work correctly.

IE 11 has an easier fix, simply use the “Select item” activity when using dropdowns. This will set it instantly cause any “onchange” events to fire correctly.

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