Elements not detecting in browser


I am trying to automate a website which is having HTML tag like <ft-*> shown in the below image

in this, I am not able to select any elements which are inside, it is just selecting the whole window instead of any element.

Can anyone tell me what is the reason and how to configure it so that it can detect elements
1 option I can think of as of now is Computer Vision, but I think Computer Vision is not accurate as element detection.

Hi @FIROZ_RANGREZ Did you install browser extension

It is working in different websites


When trying to indicate the element, press f4 to change the UI method, try with the different methods and check if you have luck



We see a canvas element inside the ft…tag… and canvas elements are free flow elements…

Those are like whiteboard or free text elements…

Those are not actually any html elements …but are generated dynamically using scripts…

You can try using cv element activities …those might help…if you are looking for any graph elements it might be difficult…but if you want to perform clicks on button inside that canvas…then cv activities or image automationmight help…