Cannot select UIElement on facebook website

Dear all,
Have you ever use UiPath to automate the interaction with Facebook web page. I just try with the auto/manual recording feature of Uipath. It seems that UiPath considers the whole webpage of Facebook as 1 element. Therefore I can hardly select / automate the action I perform on this page.
Would you please show me some tricks to be able to do so.
Many thanks

Are you talking about a specific page in facebook?. I am able to identify all the elements from the page even with the web recording feature as well.

Which browser you are trying to access? If it is chrome/firefox, you just seem to be missing the extension then.

Rammohan B.

Many thanks Rammohan
Indeed I used the wrong browser. With the light silver EI, everything is OK.

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@aksh1yadav, @Rammohan91 can you help with this issue…

Even I am facing with other websites seldom.
recently it occured in ACME website, which we use for Advanced training in academy.

I use IE. and yes I tried Chrome, the issue persists in Chrome even after the plugin install.

As a temporary solution, I am opening a specific website, when opened and “identify element” will work as usual…

I have attached the screenshots to show how the issue is…

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