You need a browser which full supports HTML5 Canvas to run SpreadJS

Hi Team,

I am trying to use IE11 (only supported browser) for the application but have the following error when i check the selector.

You need a browser which full supports HTML5 Canvas to run SpreadJS

It selects a whole page as canvas but is not selecting a specific element, i tried all (Click text, OCR text etc)

Thank you!
Arun Daram

How about chrome and firefox?
did you try with UiExplorer by changing Uiframework options.


no luck, the website i am trying only support IE

Was a solution for this ever found? I am currently running into this exact issue.


Hi, Any solution is found for this issue please?

Hi @Sandeep.Anand

Could you provide a sample of the website (a screenshot)? A workflow sample would also be helpful, together with information about your Studio and activity packages versions.


Just the man to solve this. Having the same issue with Canvas. I can only use IE and the Work Area I’m reading is quite large. So just using scraping is very limited in what I can pull. I would have to use regex and a bunch of scrolling just to pull info from a data table that’s in Canvas. Maybe you can use your Supreme Powers to recommend a fix for this. Attached are some screen shots for ya that might help you understand what’s going on

Thank you kind sir!

This might be a bit of a workaround.

Can you print the page to pdf? and then read the text directly from the newly created pdf?

Unfortunately, It sees the canvas as only what’s displayed, the page only saves the current items on display :frowning:



  • Copy source code into text file and use regex?


  • highlight everything using hotkeys and copy and paste into a text file / excel and read it from there?

Hi BotMonkey. We’ve run into the same issue for the OIT site across all browsers. As a workaround (that has worked extremely well), we’ve been using a URL navigate activity after OIT application launch to the URL containing the OIT 6-digit locator code for the binder. You were probably already aware of these locator codes but open any OIT binder and check the URL just in case. To facilitate others in the department using automation and since they probably won’t know (or care) about the locator codes, we have a separate Excel file in SharePoint Online that a standard UiPath library activity uses to add the locator code DataColumn to any DataTable provided, such that their process can then perform the URL navigation to the correct OIT binder. It took some heavier lift to automate OIT than other OneSource apps, but once we had it up and running it’s been a vital part of all OIT automation processes built. Hope that helps.


Tried using Citrix Recording.It worked.You guys can try it.I was stuck in Same application & had to click Binders name link.Unable to click it by click event.Tried Citrix recording & passed Binders name as variable in search box.

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I will have to try this. Thank you and welcome to the community!

Happy Automating!

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Yes, also there is another way like try Click Ocr Text,pass variable there where want to click.That also worked for me.Try that one as well. Happy automation.