Element is not highlighting when running E2E flow

When using Java Application, Element is not highlighting when running End to End flow. However when running from “This activity”, the flow is working fine(elements getting clicked) . Also the elements are highlighting & getting identified perfectly fine.
Element is highlighted in Attached Screenshot.

Hi @ravjot_randhawa

Have you run the workflow in debug mode?


Hello @ravjot_randhawa

What is the error that you are getting while executing?

@ravjot_randhawa Element is not highlighting when running End to End flow- you mean are you trying to highlight that element using UiPath activity or is that element selector is not getting identified

Yes in Debug Mode it gives error: Element not found, However when executing “Run from this activity” ,the bot does everything.

There seems to be no error, UiPath just fails to identify that element.

We have used a Check App State activity on that element, when running from Main, UiPath proceeds on the Not-Found/Appeared branch in this workflow.
When debugging from this particular Workflow page, it seems to work fine.

Hi @rishi.nandan.s.s / @ravjot_randhawa ,

As you have mentioned, the issue seems to be in the Check App State Activity. Could you provide us more information about the Properties of this Activity and also let us know if this Activity is enclosed inside a Use Browser/Application Activity, let us know it’s Properties too. (Screenshots would be helpful)

@ravjot_randhawa @rishi.nandan.s.s

It would be better if you can share some screenshot of the workflow which you have created . Also share the identifier which you used in the checkApp activity.

Its a simple flow, and is used under “Use Browser " activity. As mentioned before that the flow doesn’t give any error when Stepping in . Tried putting in Static Wait also before the 'Check app state Activity” .

@ravjot_randhawa ,

We see that there are Two Check App State Activities being used. We would want to know which one does not work as expected.

If it is the First/Outer One as you have shown in the Screenshots, then are you Checking if the Window is Present or Not ? Because the Selector is of the Window and Not of the Element as mentioned in your first post.

Do Let us know which one of the two activities are not working as expected.