Elements in Check App State not detected when executing script

Here is my case.

The elements in the Check App State can be detected when not executing the script (under development), but when I test it out if it is detected on debug mode or execute, UiPath can’t seem to find it even though it is present on the screen.

The sequence of the script:

  • robot opens the browser with the url provided
  • navigate to a certain screen where there’s a table with check boxes in it
  • download each file after clicking 1 checkbox at a time.

Issue is that the screen (The one with “Show All” button) that pops out after clicking Download Excel document is not identified by UiPath when on debug/execute mode, but when I check if I got the elements incorrectly on dev mode, it can be highlighted and it seems robot can identify it. I’m using Strict and Fuzzy selectors for my Check App State.


Hi @wdescalsota

Can you show the selectors that you are using ?? Are you using any chrome_widget_x attribute if yes then that widgets change when there is any extra widget like restore pop up or any other pop up