How to highlight each UI element while running

While learning UIPath, I came across a task where I had to highlight each UI element that is being used.

The UI elements are usually highlighted when the process is running in debug mode

If I have to perform the same thing while executing it, what should I do?

Hello @sagar.raval ,

For highlighting a process during its execution, you could use the Highlight activity.

Please refer to

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Use can use “Highlight Activity”
Give Selector of that element. It will hight and move for next steps. But it will highlight for few seconds.

Can you please clarify if I have to use highlight activity for each UI element activity separately

Even if I have to, how do I link them both since either the highlight activity should be before or after the UI element activity?

What can I do to make both of them work simultaneously?

Hello @sagar.raval ,

Please check this solution:

You should use the same uiElement for the highlight and click (or whatever UI activity) you are using.

I believe you can add them within a Run Parallel Process activity (link:

Hope it helps.

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Hello @sagar.raval ,

In the debug ribbon of the studio there is an option Highlight Elements you can enable it and can see the highlighted elements while debugging.


Hello @sagar.raval

Do you need it as part of development?


I know that but i want to use the same functionality while executing the process

have a look on this documentation.