How to Skip the step when UI element not found

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I have build workflow it is working fine, For few IDs i dot not have data on webpage. Here im getting below error. How to skip the step when data not found in webpage.

Error: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector.

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just tick continueOnError

but a better practice is to use check app state

here you can specify the action to take when element appears / doesnt appear


@jack.chan thanks a lot for quick reply. Could you please provide me with sample workflow. How to build check app state. thanks in advance.

its an activity, if you dont see it , click filter and tick modern

Sequence3.xaml (188.8 KB)

Im getting error message - This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly.
How can i fix this error to open the workflow.

Try to update dependent packages to latest version.

update UiPath.uiAutomationActivities to latest version @Niranjan_k

@jack.chan yea I have used but have same issue. Share me screenshots I can try to build. Thanks a ton for your help

@AJ_Ask i have not any option to fix the bug

Check app state is used to check whether the ui element is found or not
If the target appears then do certain actions
If target does not appear then perform the other actions

Turn on modern design

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