Element exists not working correct

Hi All,
There is a situation like if the bot see there is data, then it should execute the next sequence else log the msg if not then log the msg.
But not getting the expected result.

Case 1-image
the img shows that there is no data in CRM, so it should log the msg “No Data Found”

Case -2

img shown there is data in CRM and execute next sequence.

here i m attaching the code screenshot what i have done.


it always go to true state, kindly suggest solutions

Have you verified your selector? Make sure the element which you are checking is not existing when there is no data


Can you tell if you don’t have no data then you don’t see the Manager city etc., right?

Then you can pick one element of those and check with element exist

Hope this helps you


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yes, i can’t see any data.

And yes i picked one column for element exist, but still failed.

screenshot of selectors


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