On element exists

Hi All,

i have situation like bot should check whether the data is available or not, if yes, then execute the log msg, if no, then check for data and scrap the data and look for some condition and then log.

what i have done is

i used the on element exist and kept one assign activity to check the variable is true or false.
if no value found then, log msg. find img for reference

if yes, then perform the steps. find img for reference

find the img of activity used below

o/p getting is wrong.
if there is data, then it gives correct o/p, if there no data, then also give correct o/p.

any suggestion?

thanks in advance

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

I don’t understand the Assign part.
That assign give the value “False” to the variable that you use for the If.

On Element Exist as a boolean as a variable, why don’t you use that?

i deleted the assign part, but then it goes to wrong way, ie it is going “no value found” log
Actually there is value in it.

Have you tried to put a breakpoint and see what the output of Element exist say?

i debug the code and found that both variable of element exist goes to false, i.e on element exist is not captured correct?


Anyone have any suggestions?