Element Exist not working correctly

hello, i use the activity element exist to check if There are available conversation in Skype business (in the section of the left):
it return Always true (it initialized false by default), but in the reality the bloc doesn’t exist because there are no new message

any idea?!!
thank you!


from what i see in you element exist you are not loking for new messages.

Your element exist see is your messages exist NOT if new ones exist.


This is your messages Box not your message .

you must find somesing that tell you the message is new. I think and if i understand you

hello,thank you for the response, yes i know ,i would like that the robot check every time if the div in the left exist or not (appear only if i have more then one conversation)
when i run the sequence i Don’t have in my Skype this div of conversations and the activity element exist return true! so that’s my blocking point

Ok , so activity element in the left div and if exist, get it when you have a conversation (more then one conversation), remenber this will be a dynamic element for sure…

and if exist then …
Else do nothing

I think i dont realy get you point but look simple.

Hello, guys.

I have a similar issue. Even though the UI element appear, I am able to validade and hilight it, the activity still gives me a “false” as response. It is a window at SAP application. Could anyone please help me out?

Thanks in advance