Element exist instead of using any another activity

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I am using element exist activity for one workflow its work find for me but whats happening means it will take time to do else part. In the below Image I attached

If that update cancelled comes means then (then) part will do fastly but it’s not coming means It will do else part that’s also doing correctly but taking time their so any there is any other activity look like this instead of using???

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Hi @siva_sankar

Use Timeout property in element exists

The default timing is 30000 Milliseconds set it to desired!



If I used timeout means it will not their( update has been cancelled) it will do suddenly else part without taking any seconds.

Use find element activity !
If Specified element found Then or else Part!

you can use like.
ElementExist with Time out: 1 sec and name of activity: Existone
}While(Existone =false)

i.e. Inside Do while it will work fastly, Instead of taking 30,000 or 1 sec but it will work only when it will enable i.e. either 3 sec or 35 sec.
This workflow only if you don’t want else part. of If condition and Element exist will be always true but take some time

Let me know, if any doubt

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Can you explain one more time to do (How to do in do- while) because existone is a activity is their

Thank you :blush: this is working for me :relaxed::blush:

Happy automation

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