Editing rows in an application based on value in Excel sheet


I have an application with an editable data table. This table contains a random amount of rows. Ediiting rows works by selecting the column that I want to edit (just like in Excel you can select a cell) and typing in the value. It looks like this:

No. Value 1 Value 2
15 AAA
13 BBB
25 CCC
25 DDD

Where value 2 is empty. The combination of No. and Value is the unique identifier for a row.

I have an Excel sheet with the exact same data, but with Value 2 filled in as well. The problem is that the order of the rows is not the same.
So I need to perform a For Each on every Excel row, and find the No. + Value 1 combination that matches in the application, and enter the Value 2 found in the Excel sheet.

I am a bit lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!