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I have an application that has a grid with between 1 and 10 rows. I would like to enter data into a cell, on the row in which a cell in a different column that contains the same value in my excel worklist (so both cells on the same row match).

Hi @secit

It looks like the main challenge here would be to extract the data from the application in the correct order. This could be done via a simple Get Text activity and a selector that grabs the value from the specific row you want.

First question here would be whether each row in your application has a distinct selector, one that is maybe based on some ID, maybe the encNbr that we see in Excel. If so, you should be able to design a selector for the Get Text activity that grabs the required value for specific row.

If that would work, you could then do a For Each Row on the Excel rows, use the encNbr value as a variable for the selector, and then do the comparison and eventually fill your Excel with data.

Alternative option would be to try to extract the entire table from your application as text and then to try to post-process is by either string manipulation or into the data table variable with the Generate Data Table activity. At this point it becomes a bit easier (maybe faster), because all the required data is already available.

Excellent, setting a variable based selector was the feature I was searching for, thanks.

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