How to enter the data i the same row where the valid records are present


I am having an excel file in - 1st .xaml
I will take excel in 2nd .xaml. will do some processing
So if the records full fill some specific condtions then only i should enter the corresponding values in the same row for other columns

how to do it


Hi! not sure if I understood … but you can get the excel file in the same way that you did for get in the second one.

Yup, upload your files here, as many people can peruse through and suggest optimal solutions :slight_smile:

@Seem Try the attached workflows. This reads the data from excel file in ReadFile1.xaml and updates 3rd column if the value in 2nd column is less than 20 by invoking the UpdateFile1 workflow. You may have to modify this for your use case.

Update Same Excel (9.6 KB)