Edit Existing Queues Auto Retry

How can I change the auto retry option on an existing queue? I don’t want to create a new queue and lose all my data so looking for any way to adjust this on the 20.10 orchestrator.


We can’t edit the options like Auto retry and Unique Reference post Queue creation.

Do you know why this is or if this is on the list of enhancements for orchestrator? This seems like it would be a common ask.

Add your vote to the Feedback post on this topic, it’ll help UiPath to prioritize their internal backlog

If you are an Enterprise user, you can also log your request with your CSM, Support request via https://customerportal.uipath.com/ , or file a feature request in the https://insider.uipath.com/

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Looks like the 2021.10 release has this feature now!

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