Max no. of retry of queue should be editable after queue creation

Need to have an option to edit the max no. of retries of a queue after queue creation.
Currently if we need to change it we have to delete the queue and add again, which may not be possible when processes are running.


any update on this?

19.1 probably

We need to be able to edit any of the properties of a queue. Having to delete and recreate a queue is problematic when you’re using the API, because the queue ID will change.

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I also want this

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Yep, I also think that would be a nice addition. Besides the problem with having to wait a process to end before deleting the queue, we lose all the data inside that queue and any associated trigger too.
What happened in 19.1 @badita?

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Any update on this? Saw a few posts that say 2019.8 was supposed to add this functionality, but 2020.10.8 does not have this.

EDIT: Link to post


The feature change is still in development. It looks like I didn’t investigate it fully last time (the post you’ve linked).

I can’t provide any specific version promise though.

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I would also like to see the feature requested here.

  • Edit Max Retries after queue creation

Also, some way to recover a deleted queue and related transactions, I can see a risk in the future if someone deletes a queue that deletes all transactions under it and has no way to recover that transaction data.

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you can update the Max Retries after queue creation from backend in database.

Please update the dbo.QueueDefinitions table and update the column MaxNumberOfRetries with retry count and AcceptAumaticallyRetry = True

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Subject : Issue with autoretry editing after queue creation.

Issue Description :
2020.10.6 - dev version enterprise of uipath!(Autoretry EDITABLE after queue creation)
2020.10.8 - PROD version enterprise of uipath!(Autoretry NOT EDITABLE after queue creation)
is there any specific reason why this is happening?

Just to close the topic. This is available starting from 2021.10.