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Hello all,

I have a document understanding piece where I need to edit one of the values of the fields in between the extraction phase and the validation station, so that when the validation station is presented to the user, the field contains a value which I have edited. I have the new value and know the field but am having trouble assigning it to the extraction results field.

I am trying to use the following in an assign, and it is able to run without error, but it does not change the value of the field:
ExtractionResults.GetSimpleFieldValues([insert field ID]).FirstOrDefault().RawValue = “New Value”

Any help is much appreciated!

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Try this

extractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields.First(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName = “Street”).Values(0).Value = “Your New Value”

“Street” is your field name.


Thanks @Karuna! This worked, it only works on fields which have been populated by the extraction, but thats fine I can work with that :slight_smile:

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