How to edit the ExtractionResult (extracted from Data Extraction Scope) and post editing, need to convert back to ExtractionResult Variable type

I am exploring a POC where I need to modify the ExtractionResult (retrieved from Data Extraction Scope), and post modifying the text, need to convert back to ExtractionResult variable Type.

The example is as below.

I am using a Regex extractor to extract one field (Currency), and if the field doesn’t exist / not extracted on the invoice, I want to have a default value for the field.
And I want to avoid a situation where the invoice goes to Human Validation (Action Center) because of the particular field not being extracted.

Is there a way to default a regex-based extractor value to a particular value (if the returned expression value is NULL/ Blank)?

If not, How can we modify the ExtractionResults output of the Data Extraction Scope and post modifying, change the text back to ExtractionResult variable Type?


Did you manage to find a solution? I also need to know how to convert the collection of DataTable back to ExtractionResult variable.

Any solution or suggestions available for this?

My suggestion is to have a pre-validation logic before going to action center. if the values not extracted from the pdf, assign the default values to that variable and reroute to Action center if necessary. this way you can achieve your goal. Hope this helps, cheers!

did you find a solution for that ? or its not a valid option

@Dina.abdelhakam - same issue? Did you tried Out my suggestion?

I didnt get your point.

I hope you have faced the same issue in the post, so before sending to Action center include a pre-validation step to evaluate the fields that is been extracted, if any value to be defaulted you can assign those variables and satisfy the condition. Drop a logic to have a flag set based on your pre validation steps. if that flag is true, send it to Action center. If not redirect to the next step without going to action center. Hope this clarifies.

Hi Chaithanya

Were you able to resolve this? Even I have a similar requirement, although I dont need to edit the result. My results data table would be coming in from a python activity and I need to transform that into an ExtractionResults object that I can then send to the Present Validation Station Activity to validate and overwrite results from the station itself.