Adding values to Results Data Point (before sending to Validation Station)

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to do OCR on some documents, then process the extacted results then send them to Validation Station.

To clarify, the field “Customer_Number” is defined in Taxonomy, but will not be read out by the OCR, since there is no actual rule for it based on document image. I want to add the value after the OCR, but before sending the extracted results to Validation Station.

I know I can navigate the extractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields for this specific field, but my issue is that the ResultsValue array for my field has 0 elements, therefore I cannot change it’s value.

I tried using Add to Collection to add a new ResultsDataPoint, but it did not work, since ResultsValue is of fixed size.

In other words, can I add a default value to a field before running OCR on the document?

Perhaps @Lahiru.Fernando or @Ioana_Gligan ?

Would anyone have any idea how to do this? Greatly appreciated!

I’m going to answer my own question now :slight_smile:
So the solution is to add an additional Regex extractor in the Data Extraction Scope. Use it to get any value for the field I needed “(\w+)”. Then change the value of that result to my desired default value.

Thanks rubber ducky!

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