Edit a shared excel workbook

Hi all,

I want to edit a shared excel workbook. But when i open the file via excel application scope with the edit password as property, it seems to open standard in read-only.

Is there an easy way to open the file with the edit right?


Do you see any “enable edit” option ? If yes, can you click that & see what happens ?

I don’t. It opens really nicely, but immediately in read-only. I never receive any pop-up or yellow bar

Another reason could different password to read and edit. Can you check that ?

Could it be that your user account doesn’t have edit permissions in that file even though you have used correct password?

If I replicate the process manually, this is the 1st pop-up that appears:


After filling in the password and clicking OK, i get this pop-up

It seems that’s where the robot selects ‘Yes’ by default

Or is it clicking the “Read Only” button on the password box instead of “OK”?

Could be. But I can’t see either one of those pop-ups, it just opens straightaway as read-only :roll_eyes:

Perhaps using Start Application may provide more luck than Excel application?