Editing password protected excel and saving it


I am opening a password protected excel using excel application scope and writing values to it using write cell activity.

It seems to only open in read only mode (despite having the readonly checkbox unchecked) and when i exit the excel application scope it saves the spreadsheet under my documents.

How would i open it so i can edit it and save it?

Hy @Automater999,

I made a simple workflow to test it and it worked easily.

Please have a look at it and let me know if you have any questions

EditProtectedExcel_Test.zip (32.7 KB)


Thanks for the reply.

I see a difference between our files. Yours opens showing the below


Mine opens showing this. Do you know how to change this?


Hy @Automater999,

I have changed the file to match your case and faced the same error you faced.

My question to you is: can you change your file to match mine?

In Excel, if you click Save As => More Options => Tools => General Options you will see that there are two passwords, on for protecting and one for recording and also a check box “Recommend Read Only”
Could you leave just the Protect password filled and uncheck the Read Only checkbox?