Edge not recognizing Ui Elements

I installed Edge extension, but the Ui Explorer does not recognize the Ui Elements.

Anyone facing the same issue?

Microsoft does not allow IE anymore (where I used to have my code), it simply closes it and opens Edge instead, so my automation is not working anymore


We are able to get the UiExplorer when using Edge

Can you share the screens you are facing issue


that’s strange, did you specify IE in the open browser activity properties?


Here is a screenshot

My UiExplorer does not recognize individual elements

What should I do?

did you try a different browser like chrome

I do not want to use Chrome, but I guess that is the next move


Check as below

Check that you have the update packages

Also reinstall the plugin and check

Hope this helps you


I don’t think it is related to the update of the packages.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Try restarting your computer and closing all the other browsers. Start with one clean tab and see if still having the problem.

Still the same problem. The good news is that only Apple website seems to jump as of now from IE to Edge automatically, but I guess soon more and more will be forcedly migrated

Started to work, thanks!

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