Dynamically Allocate Bots Based on Priority


I am trying to understand if there is a solution within orchestrator that would allow me to allocate bots to a particular process first due to SLA’s and being a high priority.

We are looking to add a new process that would be run by 4 bots, which are already allocated to another process for another automation. Once the new process is ready I was hoping to leverage these same 4 bots, but if this higher priority process has queue items that need to be worked I want the bots to complete all those queue items before they move on to the lower priority process and its queue items.

I intend to have both of these processes executed using queue triggers since we just upgraded to Orchestrator version 2019.10.18.

Please let me know if anyone has an idea of how to make this possible.

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Hi @Mahan_Dylan
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Yes its possible :hugs:
When you create the process you have option to provide the priority of the process, this will fulfill your requirements
Hi priority process will execute early than others

Hi Maneesha - thank you for the quick response. I do not see this available in our current version for 2019.10.18. What version were you running here?

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This is Community Edition

But for Enterprise i hope you have to have in 2020v versions for take this