Dynamic variables & .NET WinForms Listbox

What have you done with with a .NET WinForms Listbox that your dynamic variable is trying to locate that isn’t visible within the visible bounds of the listbox?

I can’t seem to get arouind that, if my variable isn’t visible, or the UIPath Bot can’t “see” it, to tell my bot to go to the next “page” or scroll down until the variable is visible.

How did you get this functionality to work until your text was visible within a Listbox and your bot could see it? Curious as to how you solved this. It’s driving me NUTS!!

Hello @eric.brenner ,

one method is as below
1)use element exists\Check app state for the partiular element
2)Use While loop ( variable=“False”)
3) send hotkey +down arrow
4) element exist activity
5)if variable=True, then use click activity and after that break activity.

Let me give your solution a try. If I have issues, I’ll reply back.

Do I highlight the entire Listbox or just one element in the listbox and use a dynamic selector to look for the variable I am looking for?

@eric.brenner It looks like you want to select an item from the list. Why don’t you try with Select item activity

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