Dynamic text box appearance

Hi team,

I have a scenario where I have one excel file , from there need to fill up the text box on a webpage, suppose I have 8 coulmns on that excel file, condition is that text boxes are not static always, text box count is 8 on max, but that can come different everytime for each and every record, after all the text box one submit button is there and after submit the page would be refreshed.

What approach we can take for this scenarion. Please elaborate if possible.

I hope I am able to make you understand the scenarion.


Hello @learning_sourav

Does that mean the form is dynamic and labels are static? If yes, you make the selector tagged to an anchor.

Or if the requirement is totally different please explain.Also it would be helpful if you can provide some sample data.


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for quick responce, I apologize I dont have any sample data, as this use case I just imagined if it will apprear, labels are static, but their appearance is not fixed everytime, no text box is constant here, suppose I have 10 records on the excel file respect to the web form, so have to submit the form 10 times, but the text boxes can appear everytime differently, like sometime it could be 6 text boxes, sometime it could be 8 text boxes. In this type of scenario what would be the best approach, that I want to know.

You can use Element exists , then an if condition, then use TypeInto activity.

Even if the form is dynamic you can TypeInto by tagging it to an anchor.


For element exist I have to use for every text box, I am not sure, but that would not be a best solution I guess. just want to know by anchor how the approach would be.

You can check the below form. Even that is also dynamic. Here you need to tag each Text field to the respective label.

In the modern click activity, by default it will tag to the label If you are using classic, then you can go with anchor base activity.



As per my understanding in RPA Challenge text boxes are same always, so by that selector making dynamic we can enter text easily, my scenario is different where text box can differ.

You have confirmed earlier the labels are the same. Then the scenario is the same ryt.


Might be I not able to explain properly or I am understanding wrong, the label would be same, but that lable might be not available everytime, That is the main condition I am mentioning here, so in this scenario how to use the solution?

As per my understanding, there should be some order to add the data if there is no label. Based on the application only we can suggest a good approach for this.


I am very sorry for my late reply, I was stucked into some difficult situation. I tried do solve this in following way, I am assuming everyone would be familier with RPAChallenge
So what I did, I removed the “Role in the Company” field from the form, it looks like following

and before removing it was looking like

I used type into for example to test the process using anchor , the code is attached here for reference.

Main.xaml (37.9 KB)
project.json (1.5 KB)

I am facing the error as

I can use check state, but I dont want to use that, instead that can I use any other option, or any improvise I can do in the code, so if the feild would not be available, code would not be failed, I will be looking forward for your views on this scenario.


RPA challenge is a dynamic form and it will change the fields dynamically for each session. So you have to use the anchor to autoamte this.

If you re using the modern design, it will ask you to choose the anchor and you select the label name.


I dont have any need to use anchore, but I need one solution where if any field is not available , bot would not be stopped. I am using label as anchor only, you can check the code, if I need to chnage or improve something there.

you can either use element exists and use a if condition and then use Type into. Else you can keep the continue on error of all the Typeinto field to “True”


Here is my point actually, instead of element exist or check state every time for all the field, is there any other option is there which could be the solution here?

you can use Continue on error as True.


If apart from this option we dont have any other, then thanks for this solution.