Detect Text Location and Fill Textbox on Web Browser Dynamically

Hi all

To summarize, I have this excel that consists of 2 columns: Description and Value

I also have this website contains of the said Description in the text and a textbox beside it (on the right) that I will use to input Value . The position of this text and textbox always the same

I acknowledged that I could hard code the value into each textbox but I wonder if I could use for each row on the excel so that the robot will match the Description on excel with the one on the website and then fill the Value from excel onto the textbox on web

What activities could I use for that? I look into anchor based but I feel that it is used for random placement but not for my case.

Thanks for your help

the best would be that you show us some screenshots or some more details on the html structure

But if we can bind to some labels the input field maybe can adress by:

  • dynamic selector to the label
  • selecting the input by anchored label


The website structure is like this. So sometimes it will be a textbox and sometimes it will be a dropdown.

The location of those text and textbox will always be the same too. So if I am going to use anchor based, the anchor will be the label and the I will click the text based on anchor right?

But can it be done with foreach?

Yes you can use foreach row and put your anchor base activity inside the for each loop.

Hi @rookies ,

If it is textbox and dropdown for description and value, you can use selectors and fill value of each row as well. that way you wont require an anchor.

for the next step the details on label and textbox / select box are to inspect (UiExplorer, Webtools f12). We want to find the reliable selector tags.

For getting an impression on how it looks like with dynamic selectors have a look here

about the selector integrated anchor approach (nav=up) have a look here: