Dynamic selector with excel sheet

I have one website-indiabix in that site apptitde question in that oddman out and series i want output like all question and option A,B,C,D and answer in excel different column

@purnima_mandan did you try with data scraping?


You have to be more specific on the exception/challenges you are facing during your automation.

Yes but i want output with dynamic selectot

Please give detailed description of the issue

HI @purnima_mandan

Check out the tutorial


can you do this process

Hello @purnima_mandan ,

I think I have managed to one solution for your problem.
My process gets an output like this:

You can do some further string manipulation on the Options column if needed.

Here’s the project folder:
OddManOutAndSeries.zip (6.3 KB)

Hope you find it helpful.

can you do using dynamic selector
and i want option output in new colume like
a is in new colume
b is new colume like these


I guess you are looking for detailed layout like this:

OddManOutAndSeriesDetailed.zip (7.0 KB)

Hope you find the latest workflow helpful.

The selector for Get Text is dynamic. Using incremental index numbers for each section.

Can you do this using selector one by one and without split method

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