Hi Team, I am trying to get the “total” value from PDF using “Get Text” Activity. But in ourput is “AVPageView”

Also I checked the selector there also "title=‘AVPageView’. What could be the issue.

I am sorry for that raising so many queries.

I have attached the selector screen and pdf page.

in this forum.

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Hi @Kalaisri_K

The selector is identifying a significant part of page not only the total. and for pdf it is better to use read pdf text and then use split activity/Regex to get your total


Hi @Kalaisri_K why you are not using the read pdf text activity here ? It’s easy to get text by regex after read pdf.

Hello @Kalaisri_K

Will it be possbile to share a sample file here? If its a native pdf, Get Text should work. If you can share a sample, we can check.


Thank you Anil, I want to learn the Get text activity. But I could not select the specific text from the PDF. It is selecting whole PDF and i tried all the3 UI framework. How to sort out this issue. i want to select only one specific area.

Kindly support team.

Hi @Kalaisri_K

First do these setting and it should then allow you i guess


Invoice # 3 A.pdf (14.2 KB)
Invoice # 3 B.pdf (14.0 KB)

I have attached the sample PDF which I used.

Successfully selected specific text i followed above instruction you gave. Made my day. I was learning PDF automation.

If possible could you help me how to set the app password to access the gmail account. Because there also issue since don’t know how to set the app password in Gmail.

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Can we use the Read PDF Text activity to extract the specific text from PDF?

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