Dynamic selector is not working occasionally

Hello guys!

I need your help once again.
I have this website https://www.virginmedia.com/shop/broadband/broadband-only and I need to get the informations for lots of postal codes.

I have a simple search /> click /> see if there are informations /> scrape pattern.

This website is actualy kinda wierd, and I need to do some manipulations with dynamic selectors
and other stuff to get the informations.

Now the problem:
When I type into search, and get a list of potential addresses, after that I need to click on the specific address,
then search informations for that address, and after that I need to go to the next one.
Problem is that my click is missing the button from the list of potential addresses when it gets to 5th or 6ths (this is the part on
the website that where I need to scroll down for) when using this logic (when I just click on items in for loop it does not miss).

If someone wants to help out, it would be best to download the project1 and project2 and start it at your computer to see what I am talking about
(the selectors are good, but for some reason when in For Loop the click is missing it’s mark).

Thank you all in advance, and #happyautomation
Just the part with dynamic seletor.zip (13.0 KB) Whole project.zip (914.8 KB)

did we try keeping this for each row inside a ATTACH window activity as we are clicking on elements in a browser

Cheers @srdjan.suc

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I’ve tried it but it seems that did not help, it still misses the element when trying to click “non visible” element…

Did you try to run the workflow and see what error I am talking about?
It is so weird because when I run “Just the part with dynamic selector” it is working fine.

I’ve put my whole For Each Row in Attach Browser but it didn’t help.
In the pictures bellow there is a picture of one selector, and a Dynamic one, am I missing something with the dynamic one?


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It looks fine
Let me check once buddy
Cheers @srdjan.suc