How to Count the Number of Product Images on Amazon

the invoke code part is retrieving the image data by url via a webrequest
the invoke method is calling the save method from the retrieved image
here you can configure the path to where the image should be saved:

open the parameters panel
configure the path as by your requirements or reimplement it, by passing it by a variable

When I checked the source, it seems that there are img sources readily available without hovering the thumbnail when I unfolded in the source, (though they were in grey color), does the part of the source in grey color mean that it is not available? Can’t we just get the urls without hovering each one of them? (I am sorry for my ignorance)

what counts is the result. In my analysis after loading the page only image data for the first image were available. It is not recommended to hover the icons and then checking the html code.

I do recommend following: setup the flow at your end, test it, afterwards you can optimize and retest. So once all is done then you can check what is needed, eg, by commenting out the hovering action part

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