Invoke workflow error : workflow cannot be found. make sure that it is part of the project

I’m trying to invoke a workflow from a shared folder. it is giving me an error “workflow cannot be found. Make sure that it is part of the project”. I’m am giving the full path of the project since it is not in the current folder of the project. and if i’m clicking on the “open workflow” it does open the workflow. the strange thing is that the folder is in this stracture: “\files\data\UiPath” and in the error log I see that it adds a lot of dots before like this: “…......\files\data\UiPath”. can anybody help?

Hi @talga

To invoke a workflow from a shared folder, but you are getting an error saying that the workflow cannot be found.

  1. Make sure that the path to the workflow is correct.
  2. You can check the path by manually opening the workflow from the shared folder using the “Open Workflow” button.



If your project is Windows project, InvokeWorkflowFile activity doesn’t support to call xaml file outside the project folder. If so, can you try to call it under the project folder OR use Windows-Legacy project.

The following might also help you.


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I’m using a windows project but that is strange cause if I’m putting the project in a desktop folder (not shared folder) it works fine (and still the invoked workflow isn’t in the project folder).
so I don’t believe that is the problem. I don’t understand why it is adding all those dots before the real path

the path to the workflow doesn’t contains any dots.

  1. it is in the right path, as I wrote when i’m pressing the "open workflow’ it does open.
  2. the invoked workflow is shared from other projects. then if I do that, every time I will change something in the invoked workflow i will have to go to every project and change there too.
  3. tryied that also but it didn’t work also


I suppose if your file path is relative path, it will fail when run process (after publish).
As windows project compiles xaml files to dll, it might be better to put all xaml files under the project folder.


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