Dynamic Input Handling in UiPath Studio Forms

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I’m developing a UiPath Studio project that involves user input through forms. How can I dynamically handle input fields in UiPath Studio forms based on varying requirements? I want the form to adapt to different scenarios and user inputs.


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You can use arguments to pass values to the forms zzhere is an example of the same for dropdowns


Dynamically handling input fields in UiPath Studio forms can be achieved using the following practical approaches:

  1. Use Input Dialog Activities: Utilize the “Input Dialog” activity and dynamically adjust the prompt and options based on user requirements.
Input Dialog
   Title: "User Input"
   Label: "Enter your input:"
   Options: {"Option1", "Option2"}
  1. Dynamic Form Generation with HTML: Generate HTML dynamically based on the required input fields and present it using the “Invoke Code” activity.

csharpCopy code

string dynamicHtml = "<input type='text' id='dynamicInput' />";
// Display HTML in a dialog or web browser
  1. Use Variables for Input Values: Set variables dynamically based on user inputs and use these variables throughout the workflow.
   InputValue = InputDialogResult.ToString()
  1. Conditional Branching: Employ conditional statements to dynamically navigate the workflow based on user input.
   Condition: InputDialogResult = "Option1"
   // Perform actions for Option1
  1. Invoke Workflow with Parameters: Invoke workflows with parameters to pass dynamic input values and handle them in separate workflow files.
Invoke Workflow
   Workflow: ProcessInput.xaml
   In/Out Arguments: dynamicInputValue


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