Dynamic selector for click the item which is in vertical position

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me please, I’m trying hard to achieve this.

I would like to click the 135 first then 456 then 836 files to be downloaded based on the condition Number. For that I used Click Activity and trying to change selector for Click. Im trying with dynamic selector.

May I know how to achieve it. I’m not able to clear with this

Please anyone help me.


There are some ways to achieve it. One of them is to use DataScraping as the following steps.

  1. Get datatable from the application using DataScraping (TableExtract) Wizard.
  2. Iterate the datatable using ForEachRow activity etc.
  3. Inside loop, click target which has CurrentRow(“FILE”).ToString as aaname OR index number as tableRow tableRow etc, using dynamic selector.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you Yoichi ,

I did first 2 steps and for the 3 rd step my click activity for the file , aaname is same for every row. so I took id and parent id and changed both to Dynamic Selector by changing the selector with variable. its showing me varibale Payno is not defined in the current scope.

I assigned that payno with dt(0).String value and used that variable in selector.

Thanks and have great day.

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