Dynamic dropdown selection in desktop application based on condition

Hi Everyone,

I need to select dropdown value based on the condition.

If Expense amount (550) = bill trans id (Drop down also holds 550 it should select that option else it should select the None.

Kindly help me in this scenario


Hello @nithya,

Use the Select activity to perform this step.

  1. Extract the Exp Amt. using get text activity
  2. Use if condition and check if the value is greater than 550, if yes in the then block use select and capture the selector for the option you want to select, else in the else block use the select activity and capture the selector for None.


Hi @sanjit,

550 is not static. The value keeps on changing. For bill transid if using select items how to loop every option & check for condition.

Thanks in advance

No need to loop through every item, just check what is the dynamic and static part, based on that you can create the selector and use that selector for transid selection.

Bill trans id is Drop down. By default value will be none. We need to check that values exist & select

Have a look on this thread, this might can help you.

Hello @nithya - Please refer to the below video

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