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HI I have a case where i am getting a values from queue i.e “contract period=12 months” now depending on this text “12 months” i have two plans which i have to select from drop down menu .the value coming from queue keeps on changing some time it can be 24 months and 12 months and my drop down also has two plans one for 12 months and other for 24 months. How can i dynamicallly handle the drop down with out using if ?pls help me out @Vivek_Arunagiri

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Since it is a drop down, hope select activity will work for this.

  • Use select activity, indicate the drop-down box.
  • If the text in drop-down and contact period are same, you can just specify the contract period in select statement output text.

in the drop down values are different its like “data is upgraded to 4 GB” this is for contract period for 12 months and “data upgraded to 8 GB” for contract period of 24 months

i didnot get that "select statement in output text ,select item activity doesnot give any output.

can a dynamic selector will work here?


Sorry… I meant to give the contract period in select activity’s input item property.

but my values in service required is different and in drop down it is different

Use a switch to handle your case.
If its 12 you select the 4gb
if its 24 you select the 8gb

So when ever you get it will switch and select accordingly.
That way i dont think you will need a dynamic selector per say

nadim thanks for the response i donot wwant to use switch and if as i have alot of cases so i have to use switch in each case any alternative to it?

The reason i suggested the switch is that what you are getting from queue ‘12 months’ is not something you have to select from the drop down ‘4GB’

There is no cross-reference for this so if you decide to use a dynamic selector how will you pass a value to it?
12 months --> 4GB

You can do the variable processing in switch and then the select only once outside the switch.
It will be dynamic here based on the output of the switch.

‘IF’ however i will say not to use.

yes u r right nadim thanks alot got it


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