2. RPA Challenge - Dynamic Regions

  1. Determine the x, y position of an image found by Find Image activity
  2. Determine x, y position of text found by Find OCR Text activity
  3. Set the search area dynamically at run time using variables for a Find Image activity.
  4. Set the search area dynamically at run time using variables for a Get OCR Text activity.

Hi @badita,
Point 1 and 2 has been completed. But not able to understand 3 and 4. Waiting for your solution to check how it can be done. :slight_smile:

By this do you mean that the clipping region has to be set?

Yes, I want to search only on a specific region of the screen.

Hi, is there a way we can assign the values for the Size property of the Set Clipping Region task during runtime? That would be the key to set a specific region for further data capture from Virtual desktop environments. Please advise if you have any suggestions. I have tried using the Region property with dynamic calculated values, but it doesn’t work as expected.


Hi @badita,

If I well understood your statement I think I did it!
I tried to upload my workflow, but I have an error message saying that new users cannot upload files.

See you

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@Masire : It’s easy. Just make it to trust level 1. https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/4

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Ok thanks for your help. Workflow files are attached!

See you. And let me know if I’m doing it right!

RPA Challenge - Dynamic Regions.zip (174.8 KB)

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@Masire That works but please change the workflows so that they directly work

  • use IE instead of firefox
  • add an Open Browser before going through the loop

Sorry for that. You’ll find my updated workflows.

RPA Challenge - Dynamic Regions.zip (181.5 KB)





I have completed dynamic selector challenge and want to work on new challenge but everytime whenever I open http://rpachallenge.com website , it displays dynamic selector challenge problem.
Could you please provide me the URL for this dynamic regions challenge.


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Hi, @Soumya

I think it is a more or less theoreical exercice. So you can take any site you like.
For me, the task definition is to short and therefore unclear, what exact to do.
I think others feel the same way, that’s why there are so few contributions here.