Get Clipping Region X, Y, Height and Width

How can I get the X, Y, Height and Width of a clipping region? I’m using the Find Image Matches activity to find the location of a particular image. I need to perform OCR on a specific region that is offset (and a different size) from the image found. The input into the clipping region of my OCR activity will be the X and Y output from the Find Image matches activity with plus an offset.

I see that that the the clippingRegion property has a property called Rectangle. I can see that the rectangle has an X, Y, Height and Width property in the debugger but apparently I can’t access those properties in the workflow.

From the locals panel in the debugger:

Trying to assign X property of Rectangle to an int32 variable

have a look here on the watch panel from screenshot

Thanks! Don’t know why I couldn’t find that article before! The Key was the Value property of the Rectangle property.

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