Dycamic selector does not Work

Hello friend,

I’m trying to change a selector to :


but when i validate the selector and click ok the selector keep the older expression!!!

Hi @absak

Welcome to UiPath Community!
By changing the selector to “” (blank) are you trying to get it to match any value?
If you keep it blank, it will try to match with a value that’s actually blank (which is rarely the case). This is probably why the selector editor reverts it to its original value.

If you want to match any value, please change the desired attribute to '*' which will act as a wildcard character and match any value.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hello RPAforEvryone,

it was a mistake, i was changing the selector from:



but when i validate the new selector and click OK, it return to his initial value!!

Hi @absak
Is this a complete message?
It looks like some image might not have been uploaded properly.