Dycamic selector does not Work when validation


Helo Friend,

I want to modify the 1st selector by the 2 nd, but when validating the second and click OK it return to it’s initial value!!!

The correct syntax to use a variable in selector is:

aaname = '{{in_TransactionNumber.ToString}}'

You somehow need to make your selector more specific so that it will match only the items in the list, and not other ‘A’ tags.
‘A’ tags are hyperlinks, so it matches any hyperlink, such as Home, Log Out, etc.

You should look at some specific tags such as ‘LI’ to match only items present in the list.
If you don’t see this in ‘Selector Editor’ window, then please use UiExplorer.
Also, since it looks like you’re doing the ACME assignment, may I suggest to revisit Selectors training to study the tips and tricks again? It will help you greatly to make this easy.

I had done the ACME since 2018, but lost the code, now it can’t find a variable whereas it’s in the argument, i tryed also with variable

Kindly note, when we dynamize a working selector by a variable / argument then we set for the stand alone validation a default value for this. If set we can validate otherwise it will validate with null/empty and the dynamic part not be used

Just set a default value /variable / argument panel) and try again


Is it possible to change the default value of a variable/argument after the variable is created and added to the selector?

you can modify the default value for validation purposes