Duplicate files are creating while creating word files with replace text activity

Hi Team,

Need your valuable inputs on creating word files with Word Application Scope.
When i am creating multiple word files,duplicate files are creating starting with ~ symbol and its impacting delay in my workflow .

How can we ignore this duplicate files?
Also I am facing one more issue while creating word files ,document recovery task pane is displaying which i need to manually click on ok every time to continue to second transaction.

Apprecaite your help please.

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Please help here @unknownay @SenzoD

Hi @RajeshT

This is default Windows functionality, when any document is open it creates a version with ~ infront of it (normally hidden to users).

If you was to close the files and then check you will see that the ~ versions do not exist. MSFT explain this here:


If you are trying to iterate through the files in the folder then just include an if statement checking if the file begins with ~ and then ignore it.

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