Creating multiple PDF's whilst preserving the same word template

Hello everyone,

I am encountering a problem for a few hours now and I am stuck. In short, I have a word template with bookmarks named “LetterOfNotice.docx”. The data to fill in these bookmarks is within excel. The first automation is fine (for each row), it picks out the correct word template and fills in the bookmarks. The automation then saves the file (still within the for each row operation) in the “LetterOfNotice_LastName_FirstName.docx” format.

When the second iteration starts, the automation has overwitten the word template file, and thus the original bookmarks are lost, resulting in an obvious error.

Please see attached a screenshot of my automation.

I feel like I am close, but not sure what is going wrong. If you have an answer, please let me know the logic behind it as I am learning still :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @Sverre.Klein

Don’t know if I got it right but, first try to make a copy of your word template and then work on it.

Copy File activity will work in this scenario

By doing this, you’ll be working on the copied file and not the original template.
In the next iteration, you will again make a copy

Save these word files with different names.


Try by unchecking these properties of Word Scope


Hope it helps

Hi Kumar,

The copy file worked wonders, thank you so much. It makes so much more sense now.

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