Creating duplicate of an existing word file and working on it

Hi everyone,

I need to create a duplicate of an existing word file and then work on the duplicate. This should be done always as the original template needs to be un populated for a fresh wordfile to be created with different data. Any idea on this?

did you try the ‘copy file’ activity?

Copy file - just copies, how do you rename the copied file with a different name each time and then work on the copied file each time leaving the template as it is?

@shreyaank In copy file activity, in destination option give your required file. It will copy file along with contents and rename the file to name which u have gave.

Yes I can create a duplicate copy but the issues is I want the bot to work on the copied duplicate copy and leave the template from where it was copied alone, so that the same empty template is available for future use.

@shreyaank As far as i understood u wanted to use duplicate file in your workflow, not the original one? If this is the requirement, U can use duplicate file name in your further activities right.

Yes I want to use the duplicate one for one run, and get back to the template(original one) and repeat the process- create a duplicate again and work on the duplicate, and the same goes on…

The duplicate file name should be used only once for one run, and for the next run new name should be used, each duplicate has to have different names as they contain various months data in them

@shreyaank u can filename like originalfilename-copy. since original file is stored in variable u can same thing in while naming duplicate name. Everytime ur loop runs duplicate file is created as based on ur filename.